Our Story

Straits Clan was borne out of a desire to inspire people to do more, do better and leave their mark in the wider community. We connect a curious and diverse community to propel positive change and challenge the status quo. Community-building and thought-leadership are at the heart of our clan – expressed through a thoughtfully curated space, dynamic programming, and an inspiring assembly of entrepreneurs, creatives, and those fighting the good fight.


Our Heritage

The name ‘Straits Clan’ takes inspiration from clan associations that were a core part of Singapore’s social fabric in the 19th century. In a city of immigrants, individuals sought comfort and kinship in their clan. Over time, they became catalysts for social change in the wider community with clans championing societal advancements in education, infrastructure, and commerce.

Located on Bukit Pasoh Road, once known as the Street of Clans, our club resides within a heritage-listed building in Singapore’s historic Chinatown district. It pays tribute to generations past in celebrating the spirit of community and a thirst for change. We hope this will be the start of something good; the start of better, more beautiful things to come.